Restic in CERN slides on FOSDEM24

As mentioned before, restic is used at CERN at a large scale. I haven’t heard the talk, yet, but you can see restic being mentioned several times on slide 8 of this talk:

CERN’s Open Source Storage Systems

slides: CERNBox

Btw, the restic logo didn’t make it on the slides.


It’d be nice to see that on video. Funny, just this afternoon I (probably re)watched this: Video AG - Vorträge des CCCAC: restic – pretty cool development!


Unfortunately we didn’t have the time show it during our presentation, however for next year we plan to have a restic-focused presentation about how is used to backup our data.

Recently, we managed to do a backup of a single directory containing more than 1 petabyte of data, quite challenging!


Nice, sounds like you guys have some fun challenges up there in geek heaven :heart_eyes:

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