Restic find --verbose=2 silent for a very long time

When searching for a troublesome blob, restic find with verbose level 2 has not emitted anyting for 90 minutes. Is this normal? The repository is on a locally mounted USB spinning disk on a Raspberry Pi 3B.

What effect is --verbose=2 supposed to have in this case?

jarle@pi01:~/restic $ ./restic-my prune
repository bf16cbdf opened (version 2, compression level auto)
loading indexes...
[0:19] 100.00%  33 / 33 index files loaded
loading all snapshots...
finding data that is still in use for 704 snapshots
[3:09] 11.08%  78 / 704 snapshots
decrypting blob 39d4bd7d4708b99c3708d617064266932d1a3d139a252ea22f45098fee144c98 failed: nonce is invalid*Repository).LoadBlob

jarle@pi01:~/restic $ ./restic-my --verbose=2 find --blob 39d4bd7d4708b99c3708d617064266932d1a3d139a252ea22f45098fee144c98
repository bf16cbdf opened (version 2, compression level auto)
[0:23] 100.00%  33 / 33 index files loaded

find only prints output if it has found something. There’s no progress indicator. Based on the timing data from the prune command, a full traversal of the snapshots should normally take about 30-60 minutes for that repository. But if there are some disk problems, then restic could also get stuck indefinitely. You could send a SIGQUIT signal to restic. That will crash the process but also print a stacktrace of what restic was working on.