Restic dump does NOT print file out

My os is FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE with restic-0.9.5_1 and I cannot restic dump my file. command is as following:

$ restic dump 900a28f2 /usr/home/cpfong/tmp/trash/foo.txt -r rclone:koofr:mars_restic_inc_bk/ -p ~/tmp/trash/pwd.real

– reply
repository 7ab0a0ae opened successfully, password is correct
cannot dump file: “/” should be a dir, but s a “file”

However, I can ls this file
$ restic ls 900a28f2 -r rclone:koofr:mars_restic_inc_bk/ -p ~/tmp/trash/pwd.real | grep ‘/usr/home/cpfong/tmp/trash/foo.txt’

never mind, I find older version (0.9.4) which is working ok and you can download 0.9.4 freebsd version here

Hi @cpfong and welcome to the restic community :slight_smile:

I initially had posted a reply but retracted it as I misread your initial query.
I’m glad you were able to solve your problem, but going back to an older version means that there is a potential that the version you were trying is having an issue.

A couple things I want to check:

  1. Can you try to reproduce it with the latest binary from here: GitHub latest release
  2. If that still doesn’t work, please try the latest beta build from here

Also I would like to see a full 1:1 output of the command you are running.
Ideally you should use the forum text formatting functions which make this output more readable.

When you run your command, can you please prepend it like so $ ruby -e 'puts ARGV.inspect' restic backup ~ and include all lines here?

This will give us a better understanding of what’s going wrong.