Restic currently not listed on B2 integration page?


Discovered Restic today and started reading the doc :slight_smile:

I’m a B2 user for offsite backups (using not Open source hasbackup until now).

By browsing from time to time the B2 integration webpage for new tools that support B2, I have not found Restic listed there (yet).

Having Restic listed there would have me knew about it earlier :slight_smile:

Is there any particular reason Restic is not listed on the B2 page ?
Is is because it does not meet yet all B2 requirements ? or the application has been rejected ? or nobody has yet applied to be listed (B2 backend added few weeks ago only) ? :wink:

Having Restic listed there would be good opportunity to give more visibility to the project.


I emailed Backblaze about it but never heard back. Maybe we need to tweet them, they’re pretty chipper on Twitter. (edit: done)

Hi Matt,
Great ! Good idea for the tweet… let’s see :wink:

Do you know if fd0 has filed the request to them using their google form survey (end of the integration web page) ?

btw, reading further the github, it looks restic use Blazer for the B2 integration… and Blazer implements and satisfies the B2 integration checklist.

I don’t think Blazer has its own CLI though. I think it’s just a code library. Restic is an actual integration of the implementation of a B2 client.

yes :wink:
I was wondering at first if restic was implementing all the requirements from B2. As I noticed now it use Blazer, I now know this part is OK :wink:
But we still better have a member of the core team to fill the google request survey at B2 page…

I’m ok with you, I don’t expect Blazer to be listed at B2 page.

I’ve filled out the Backblaze integration form. :slight_smile:

great !
Thank you :slight_smile:

Interesting, I got an email from the VP of Product and Sales at Backblaze. Someone from the Ops team discovered restic and showed it to him. He wrote that he was impressed and will check out restic over the weekend :slight_smile:

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yeah :+1:
With the crashplan story few days ago, they a quite busy these days :wink:

Since yesterday or so, restic is listed on the Backblaze B2 integrations website!

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Good description there, too.

I hope so: I submitted the description :wink:

Great new for the project visibility !! :+1: