Restic check / prune not finishing

Running 0.14 stable. I’ve converted a good 1TB or so of my 3.4TB v2 repo with max compression and 128M pack size. The remainder should be auto/max compression with the default pack size. I chose to do the pack size conversion 250G at a time, because my organization likes to randomly reboot our machines, and that’s about how much I could get done in 12 hours.

However, now, when I run check or prune, it sits at “check snapshots, trees and blobs” or “finding data that is still in use”, respectively, pretty much forever. I let it run all night and check made it to 14%. Typically check would take around 40 minutes at the most.

I’ve tested the drive. The drive is also synced to Dropbox. Using either backend, it just… sits there. Very, very little disk / network activity. It’s like it’s choking on something, but I don’t know what. I changed the TMPDIR and cache-dir to an external SSD. There is some activity there, but for the most part it just… sits there.

Any idea how I can get to the bottom of what’s happening, and confirm if this is a bug, faulty hardware, lack of resources, or something else? I’m wondering if it isn’t a byproduct of the 128M pack size?

Hmm, the simplest approach is probably to just send a SIGQUIT to restic check. What is the exact log output of restic?