Restic/builder still relies on vendor directory

As far as I can tell still relies on go modules being present in the vendor directory:

$ docker run --rm \
    --volume "$(pwd):/restic" \
    --volume "$(pwd)/output:/output" \
build cannot load open /restic/vendor/ no such file or directory

Does anybody know how to create reproducible builds with restic builder?

Ive been having the same issue. Any progress?

Hey, thanks for the hint! That docker container is only being used to build the official binaries. Before the next release, I’ll update the file so that it works again.

What are you trying to do? Building restic from source can (and should) be done without the container…

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I tried to build the official binaries to avoid using the Go version on my local machine.

Gotcha, thanks for the explanation

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Any idea when that “next release” might be? :wink:

What type of timeframe are you in need of? It will be done when it’s done, there’s still some stuff to do and we’re not keen to give a specific timeframe. We’d rather focus on doing the work and release when we feel that it is ready and time to make a release. Is there any specific reason you are asking?

Thats fine. I was just curious.

First, great work on getting the new release out.

I went to make a reproducible build for v0.10.0 and think I’ve seeing a similar issue when using I’m getting the following error message: build flag -mod=vendor only valid when using modules