Restic-Browser: A cross-platform GUI to browse restic repositories

Hi all.

Because I needed this for my own Restic backups, and because I’ve been wanting to get into Golang for a while, I started developing a simple Restic backup browser GUI. I know there have been a few attempts at this, but none of them felt right to me.

It’s based on the excellent wails2 library.


Prebuilt binaries of the initial beta release can be downloaded at the GitHub releases page.


  • Displays contents (snapshots, files) of local or remote Restic repositories.
  • Restores selected files or folders (as zip archives) to a desired location.
  • Previews selected files by moving them to the temp and then opening them with your OSs associated default program.

This is not a full-blown Restic backup tool GUI - it only allows you to browse existing repositories!

More info can be found at the GitHub at emuell/restic-browser.


Hey, it looks great. I see it supports remote repos so does it support using rclone as backend?

Not yet, but this should be very easy to add.

I’ve created an issue for this now, which you can track, if you want: Allow connecting to rclone locations · Issue #7 · emuell/restic-browser · GitHub


rclone backends can now be used in the v0.2.1 update

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An interesting tool! Not sure why your posts are being flagged, perhaps @rawtaz can unflag them.

It was because of being a new user and making several posts with links to the same domain. I’ve unflagged them :slight_smile:

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This looks fantastic. Any chance of making this a full blown GUI to restic? Really the only thing restic is missing is a good GUI – would be even better if this got merged into the main restic repo and became the official GUI.

Thank you! Will test this as soon as I can.

Thanks for the feedback!

At the moment this is not really planned, but if there’s interest and there are people who would help with the implementation, I’d be happy to help make it a full Restic Tool GUI.