Restic backup on Synology

I performer a couple of restic backups from my Synology NAS to USB drives. The restic cache I configured to be in the user’s home directory. Now, it seems like /dev/md0 (DSM) is 100% full. Could that have something to do with restic? I already deleted the cache dir.

Can’t you use du to investigate what is taking up the space on that partition?

I did, but nothing out of the order came up.

Well, what is there then? Either there is something restic related or there isn’t. You can paste the complete output of ls -la for the folder in question here so we can look at it.

How did you delete the cache dir? Perhaps it’s still in some trash folder?

Just used rm -rf.

Found it! For anybody in this situation: in my case, the backup was still storen in /volumeUSB/ even though, the USB drive was no longer attached to the NAS. So I disconnected all USB storages and deleted the restic backup folder. Then I rebooted the NAS. Now, everything is fine again.