Restic backup failed parent snapshots delete

Hi i’m in a K8s cluster and I run velero using restic to backup resources like config yaml/pvc etc…

I delete by mistake all the snapshot of my resticrepository (from one namespace), and when I try to backup PVC by velero (it use restic) in k8s I got the following error :

–parent=2e361a89, stdout=, stderr=Fatal: invalid id “2e361a89”: no matching ID found for prefix “2e361a89”\n"

Hi can run a backup with the --force option in restic pod but the snapshot will not be used as the new parent per default.

Is there a way to change the parent ?

You can enforce a parent with restic backup --parent ${parentid}

Hi ,
can you tell me where should i run this command.
I didn’t get. Im also facing same issue.

Not sure how to give parameters for backup command in the velero environment tbh. On standalone restic, if you need to enforce another snapshot as parent of the current backup, you can give --parent param. Maybe ask in velero forums? :eyes: