Restic and wasabi Timed Deleted Storage

Wasabi has a 90 day minimum cost basis associated with objects, See “Timed Deleted Storage” at Based on what they say other providers may have similar policies(Amazon) so i don’t think this is a single provider question.

Is there a way to configure prune/forget to not cleanup objects unless they are over 90 days old?

I currently back up twice a day so i could see “forget --keep-last 180” making sense to do, but i’m not sure how any of the other keep options would come into play.

Past the 90 day retention window for objects for the backups i’d want to try and start reducing the snapshot count using daily/weekly/monthly/yearly options.

Does this maybe need a new option for forget or prune to set a minimum lifetime of a snapshot/object?
I may also be completely misunderstanding how the forget+prune system works.

Thanks for any input or suggestions anyone can provide.

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While it’s not directly supported by restic (and I don’t think it warrants new options to forget, which is complicated enough as it is), you can use restic snapshots --json and parse the output with a script. Then have the script call restic forget id1 id2 [...] for all snaphots that should be removed.