Restic and SSHFS

Hello there to all !

I am using the followinf command to connect to a remote file server before i use restic:
sshfs -o reconnect,allow_other,idmap=user,uid=0,gid=0,cache=no,noauto_cache,entry_timeout=0 USER@HOST:ROOT TO_DIR

When i use restic and goes to put large files more than 500MB in stucks and i have to kill it…
In the old server i was using CentOS 7 with curlftps but in rocky linux 9 there is no such lib…

Can you help me resolve it …? Any ideas how to fix it …? I am looking into this more than 2 days and have read a lot of articles with no luck…Have tried also a lot of things …no luch

Is there any other solution for mounting remote drives than sshfs …?

Thanks a lot


sshfs is not particularly reliable (and no longer maintained). Please try rclone which can also mount remote folders over SFTP.