Restic and online backups

Restic by default supports various online storage services and this list can be extended with rclone. That is great, but I am looking for online storage/services which I can use without any other additional for Linux/BSD/macOS applications. Basic requirement: free storage of 5 GB or more - my first thought was Google Drive, but as far as I understand there is no SFTP/SSH access. Are there any online storage services that can be reached and used with just restic?

Why don’t I want to use rclone? I just want to minimize and remove any extra parts and applications in my environment.

i am using restic with onedrive. backing up to one onedrive user with 1 TB space.
you can use any s3 compatible cloud storage. eg. wasabi or backblaze just to name two cheap services. 5 GB will be enough for you? Please keep in mind if there are many chaning files your backup repoistory will “grow up” and beyond those 5 GB

@markusweb how do you use OneDrive without rclone?

Depending on how much local storage you have, you can initialize your repo on a local folder that gets synced by one drive, Dropbox or whatever. Then you have your whole repo synced without using rclone.

Except this there are no other ways without using rclone.

Maybe you still want to take a look at wasabi or backblaze b2. It’s really cheap and reliable and restic supports it natively.

ok, missing the point that you want to use restic without any further software.
you are right. onedrive will only work with rclone. but the backup of my nas works very will in this situation. you only have to set it up once.
BUT: to recover you have to repeat the setup with rclone. that can be a bit tricky and not as simple as downloading restic and do a restore…

I have a similar setup, Microsoft 365 includes 1TB OneDrive storage per user, so I added it as additional backup for at least a subset of my data. As the setup requires rclone configuration, I used a secure note in 1password to store credentials and the setup notes, if I need to restore my NAS, I can simply open the setup notes on any of my devices and have those notes syced securely via 1password.

Worked fine for me for a while now, rclone seem to work quite reliably, I would not mind to much about adding it, it’s also just a single binary like restic.

As mentioned, any s3 compatible storage can be used directly with restic and no other Linux applications. You can get 75 GB of free storage with Scaleway’s object storage: Pricing | Scaleway (just make sure you read up the docs on how to use Single-AZ storage, because the default Multi-AZ does not have 75 GB free).

" Hosting for Borg and Restic Repositories
From $2/month, 10 GB free forever"


That says

Single-AZ Object Storage - available in Paris, Amsterdam** and Warsaw**

… perhaps you could have mentioned that to avoid people wasting their time?