restic 0.9.4 released

We’ve just released restic 0.9.4. Besides several fixes for bugs it contains a new restorer implementation which downloads data concurrently, so it is much faster than the old one.

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Initial tests show that my restores now come back at ~12 MB/s. With version 0.9.2, it was around ~1.2 MB/s.
So a fantastic improvement. Well done to all!


The SHA256SUMS file does not contain the hash for the file. Please include it for completeness. Thanks.

Where did you get that file? I suspect it’s the source code archive generated by GitHub, is that possible? If so, I haven’t managed to recreate it, so including its hash in the file during the release process is not easily possible.

We distribute the source code as a tar.gz file, its hash is contained in the hash. I’ve also written about how to recreate the automatically generated tar.gz file provided by GitHub here:

Unfortunately there’s no way to disable the automatic archive generation.

I received an email with a link to restic 0.9.4 released. At the top of that forum post is a link to restic 0.9.4. That page is the github release page for restic 0.9.4. Here you will see all the files available for download from github. The 2nd last file in list of assets is “Source code (.zip)” with a link to, which downloads a file named

The image below shows the drop down dialog from the restic/restic project page when accessed from a Windows 10 machine.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

From reading your blog post, I would consider executing both

$ git archive --format=tar --prefix=restic-0.1.0/ v0.1.0 | gzip -n > restic-0.1.0.tar.gz

and perhaps something like:

$ git archive --format=zip --prefix=restic-0.1.0/ v0.1.0  >

I am just guessing how you might make a zip format archive with git archive.


It looks like the docs have not been generated for 0.9.4–have they not been added, or have they been moved?


Oh, you mean the version 0.9.4 isn’t shown in the menu over at That’s indeed odd, I’ve looked into it and found that the webhook (notification GitHub -> Readthedocs) was missing. Thanks for the hint!