restic 0.9.0 released

We’ve just released restic 0.9.0. This is the next bigger release since 0.8.0, it mainly brings a completely rewritten archiver core, improves the speed for restic check, and many bug fixes.

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Yay! Thank you for all the work that went into this!

Could I get some help with restic check?

The docs say to use --read-data to read from the repository and check the actual data files. The release notes make it sound as though this is now default behaviour - is this correct?

Interesting, that’s not the case. By default restic check won’t read most of the data in the repo, because that would mean downloading a lot of it. Only with --read-data all data is read.

What made you think this has changed? I wonder if we can improve the release notes text …

Maybe I just don’t understand the wording correctly. From the docs:

By default, check command does not check that repository data files are unmodified. Use --read-data parameter to check all repository data files

I use this option because I want to check the data files.

For safety reasons, restic does not use a local metadata cache for the restic check command, so that data is loaded from the repository and restic can check it’s in good condition.

This to me sounds like it’s reading the repository data files, is that incorrect?

Ah, hm. The text says “so that data is loaded from the repository”, in contrast to “loaded from the local cache”. So it means “if data is loaded, make sure it is loaded from the repo, not from the local cache”. This does not imply that all data is loaded.

Does this explanation make it clearer? :slight_smile:

At least to me it did help, yes :slight_smile:

Yes thanks it does make it clearer. I guess my confusion has just been with the word ‘data’ being used both generally and specifically to refer to the backup data files.

yum install yum-plugin-copr
yum copr enable copart/restic
Do you want to continue? [y/N]: y

Error: [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 404 - Not Found

That’s a bit terse, but I think you’re trying to say that you’re having problems installing the restic package on Fedora? If so, please raise this issue with the maintainer for that package, or the distribution in general. We’re not involved in packaging at all… Sorry about that.

Well it are the installation instructions from the official documentation of your software, why should I contact people when I only try to follow the instructions? I guess you know the people who serve your package? I’m not sure what to do when the official documentation means the same as: here, good luck, chances are things are broken.

Hi @MrMoronIV What @fd0 is trying to say is that: he did not put up the package on the repository for fedora nor is he in control of the infrastructure that is giving you this error.
I also would advise you to contact people that run the repository and find out who the maintainer is; he or she will then be able to help you out.
This forum is for the software in general and not the repository other people might have made the software available.
You can check out this link:
As the description of that package there says:

restic is a backup program that is fast, efficient and secure.

Not a official Installer! If there is a issue with the package please contact

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Yeah I will stick to downloading the binary directly as explained here for CentOS 7:

I suggest you guys take down the yum installation instructions cause broken installers tend to annoy people (alot). I also believe it’s not the user’s task to chase a broken installer, it’s giving restic a bad name when the installer doesn’t work when one tries to use your (very wonderful magnificant great) software…

Hello, if you are using centos/redhat, execute this command below instead of executing the command provided by the official documentation (yum copr enable copart/restic)

This command worked for me:
yum-config-manager --add-repo

After executing this command, proceed with the installation:
yum install restic

I just added the repository manually, according to the instructions in the official Redhat/CentOS documentation:

I believe that the Restic documentation manager might for this remark alternatively if the main option does not work or while the package maintainer does not fix this error.
Really this failure can de-motivate new users to Restic.

Congratulations to the entire Restic team for the beautiful work done with this software.
Thank you so much.

Thanks for the feedback, I asked someone from RedHat and I’ve update the docs: