Restart Prune job after daily shutdown


Just a quick question, I’m using Restic on a raspberry PI 3B+, with GOGC set to 50.

Currently, I have 2TB backed up onto it, and I expect to backup roughly 10GB a month over a 100mbps internet connection.

The RPi is configured to shutdown daily at 8pm just before the power is switched off, and then come on again around 4am.

Between this time, I’m planning to run backups to it Mon>Wednesday, and then a prune job after that.

The prune job is run locally from the RPi, whilst the backup job is started from a RPi 4B. I thought it would be better to run the prune job locally, but do enlighten me if I’m missing something.

My question is, if I run the prune job on Thursday>Sunday, will it continue from where it left off just before the RPI was shutdown?

I know backups can continue after an interruption but wasn’t sure about pruning.

Pruning cannot currently be continued. If any data is added to the repository, pruning must start over anyway since it’s not know what orphaned data might now be referenced again. Running restic prune after interrupting another prune operation starts the operation over from the beginning.

Thank you for clarifying that, so did I understand correctly that if no new data is added, pruning will start from where it left off?

But if you new data was added then it starts from the beginning?



No, prune cannot be resumed at all right now.