Restaround - yet another wrapper

As a longtime user of duplicity/duply, I discovered restic a few days ago. I also found but I overlooked the Rescript utility. So I wrote my own:

I first tried with bash but I really am not sure how to correctly handle spaces in arguments, so I went with Python3.

restaround is a bit different from Rescript or duply in that it does not make use of environment variables at all.

I will definitively look closer at Rescript and maybe use some of its ideas.

actually looking at the rescript workaround for backing up multiple directories, I believe rescript cannot handle spaces in file or directory names:

BACKUP_DIR="/path/to/dir/1 /path/to/dir/2"

and in the bash script:
restic backup --verbose ${bu_opts[@]} ${rest[@]} $BACKUP_DIR

At least I found no way how to set $BACKUP_DIR such that restic interprets it correctly. If there is one, please tell me (and the rescript author)

If you like the simplicity of TOML files (also called Windows INI files), I made this one a while ago:

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It would be nice to have a list of all restic wrappers somewhere - or did I just not find it?

I guess config files in whatever format are the normal thing to do, but I wanted to try something new. Trying not to duplicate existing functionality. Directory structures can already express most of what is needed. Like inheriting from other profiles: with restaround, simply use a symbolic link for an inherited property.

Just thinking - maybe I should support symbolic links named inherit* pointing to other directories - then you could simply inherit all definitions from any number of separate directories. Like inherit_from_s3_repo, inherit_from_local_data, inherit_filter_unimportant_stuff

Again - that is no new concept except for the naming scheme. The only central concept needed remains the directory structure.

restaround should now be ready for general use