Rest-server repo for local restore


I recently started using restic for my off-site backup. For that, I have setup the rest-server on a remote machine where the backups are stored. I have access to the hard drive where these repo is stored in person, so what I’d like to be able to do ist get the drive from the remote location and connect it directly via sata to the machine that needs to be restored. This way, restore of a whole server will be much faster in comparison to do it over the internet.

Will I be able to use the rest-server repo out of the box as a local repo from the mounted drive, or do I need to setup a local rest-server and restore the data via a localhost connection to that rest-server?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


The storage format used by rest-server is identical to that of a locally stored repository. That is it is enough to point restic into the right direction.