Rescript amazing utility

I just wanted to say thank you for Restic and the community as its an amazing way to do the backups, but what really helps alot is thanks to sulfuror created a really nice script
what makes this script really nice is the logs and the output. I hope this helps others like it did to me.


Thanks to you too for your ideas for the script!

Any suggestion, request or comment on the script are really welcome.

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Hey, looks impressive… was going to give it a go (and still will), but running through the install instructions noticed:

brew install gnu-sed --with-default-names

Apparently the “–with-default-names” has been removed as of Jan. 2019 - I’m looking at what that means for this, but thought I would mention it.

Also, there is a typo - it should be gnu-getopt, not gnu-getopts:

brew install gnu-getopt

(note, this is Mac only issue)

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Also, BSD systems don’t have the gnu-getopt. In any case, if the gnu-getopt is not available, the script will still work with the classic getopt options (short options only).

Thanks! I’ll correct that. Another thing I am going to add for mac is that you need to make a symlink for dir. Since Mac doesn’t have that package, you just need to do ln -s /usr/local/bin/gdir /usr/local/bin/dir (gdir is part of the coreutils package and it is needed for Mac/*BSD). It is also the case for *BSD.

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you make gnu-sed work now without --with-default-names option?

Looks like they recommend just adding to your PATH:


And for getopt:

The brew install script prints those as suggestions at the end of the install run.

Seems to be working so far.


Nice! You don’t need to setup getopt; if the gnu-getopt it’s installed, it will use that; if not then it will use the mac version without the long options.