Repository file example

Hi !

I am running restic in a docker container and want to create repositories without human input (no shell will be accessible, the docker container will run on its own).
From the docs, there is a --respository-file and --password-file flag, but there is no example of how those files should look like and what parameters should be inside.

Could someone provide an example of those ?

Thanks in advance !

Both files contain only respective parameters values. There is no special format or structure required. Simple text files with one line is what is needed.

--password-file file   file to read the repository password from

So if your password is mySecretPassword this is what this file should contain

--repository-file file  file to read the repository location from

If your repository is this is what you should put there. The same value as you would use in command line as value of -r, --repo flag

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