Repository Corrupted? Error: load <snapshot/xxxxxxx>: invalid data returned

Hi there!

One of my backup destinations started failing recently. Restic complains about a seemingly-corrupted snapshot:

load <snapshot/95392d6075>: invalid data returned

I’ve tried various commands to try and fix the repo, to no avail. Whatever the command I always end up with the same “invalid data returned” error.

What could have caused this to suddenly appear? Is there any way to fix this without creating a new repo and re-uploading everything?

Some things that might help figuring it out:

  • This is an SFTP destination
  • There was a “connection reset” SSH error during backup two days before this error started popping up. What’s weird is that the following backup worked without any issues. So: Day 1, SSH error. Day 2, no error. Day 3, repo seemingly corrupted.

But I suppose that restic is resilient to SSH connection resets and isn’t supposed to corrupt remote repositories in this specific case?

restic check

using temporary cache in C:\Users\Arsenic\AppData\Local\Temp\restic-check-cache-417591663
repository fb5dd416 opened successfully, password is correct                             
created new cache in C:\Users\Arsenic\AppData\Local\Temp\restic-check-cache-417591663    
create exclusive lock for repository                                                     
load indexes                                                                             
check all packs                                                                          
check snapshots, trees and blobs                                                         
error: load <snapshot/95392d6075>: invalid data returned                                 
Fatal: repository contains errors                                                        

restic forget 95392d6075

repository fb5dd416 opened successfully, password is correct                                                                                           
Ignoring "95392d6075ec824472c05842ad5b0611ee41a4e7a91f8b76a9d2db84cfa7ec0b", could not load snapshot: load <snapshot/95392d6075>: invalid data returned

restic prune

repository fb5dd416 opened successfully, password is correct                
counting files in repo                                                      
building new index for repo                                                 
[27:23] 100.00%  75943 / 75943 packs                                        
repository contains 75943 packs (517201 blobs) with 238.464 GiB             
processed 517201 blobs: 0 duplicate blobs, 0 B duplicate                    
load all snapshots                                                          
load <snapshot/95392d6075>: invalid data returned                  *Repository).LoadAndDecrypt   
        /restic/internal/repository/repository.go:96               *Repository).LoadJSONUnpacked 
        /restic/internal/restic/snapshot.go:72                     *Repository).List.func1       
        /restic/internal/repository/repository.go:644              *RetryBackend).List.func1.1      
        /restic/internal/backend/backend_retry.go:133              *Local).List.func1         
        /restic/internal/fs/file.go:99                             *Local).List               
        /restic/internal/backend/local/local.go:219                *RetryBackend).List.func1        
        /restic/vendor/     *RetryBackend).retry             
        /restic/internal/backend/backend_retry.go:36               *RetryBackend).List              
        /restic/internal/backend/backend_retry.go:126              *Repository).List             
        /restic/cmd/restic/cmd_prune.go:25                         *Command).execute                                   
        /restic/vendor/       *Command).ExecuteC                                  
        /restic/vendor/       *Command).Execute                                   

There should be a file with that name in snapshots directory. Could you please download it and check that it’s sha256sum is correct (should mtach file name).

If no, then snapshot itself is broken and you probably can’t do anything to completely recover it.

As far as I understand that you prefer to save some traffic and avoid uploading data again. What I would suggest is to remove that file manually and run restic check. But DO NOT RUN PRUNE. Even if you’ve only one snapshot, most of data is already uploaded. If restic check is ok after removing snapshots (maybe only reports something like pack xxx: not referenced in any index) then use rebuild-index and then backup again. restic will be able to detect that certain blobs are already uploaded (even if they are not part of snapshot) and reuse them.

PS. I’m not restic developer so this is just my opinion as restic user.

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The file had a size of 0 KB and the hash did not match the filename. I deleted it as you suggested and restic check now passes. I’m in the process of rebuilding the index and will let the usual backup run tonight. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you know if deleting a snapshot file is equivalent to “forgetting” it in restic? Are there subtleties involved?

As far as I know it’s exactly same thing. The only difference is that before removing file restic forget loads it (to check for various --keep-*/--host/--tag policies),

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Just to conclude this thread, I can confirm that @dionorgua’s proposed fix worked (thanks!). However, how my repo got in this state remains a mystery.

Thank you both! I just struggled with the same issues and your posts helped me resolve them.
I also don’t have any idea how it came to this state.

A small update: I’ve had this occur a couple of times in the last year.

It seems like this starts after a backup fails due to an interrupted SSH connection. In our case I assume it might be because of occasional network drops. Maybe the snapshot file is written too early and cannot be updated due to the failed SSH connection, causing this “corruption”?

It seems to me like it would be much better if restic worked normally (but emitted warnings) when encountering corrupted snapshots. Snapshots are relatively unimportant compared to other pieces of the repository, considering that you will probably have multiple snapshots per backed-up location most of the time.

@fd0 Just pinging you so at least one person on the dev team is aware of the issue. Hope that’s ok.

The solution to the invalid snapshot would probably be the same as for Cannot remove broken snapshot · Issue #3003 · restic/restic · GitHub .

Restic can never ignore broken snapshots during prune. Without snapshots prune wouldn’t know which data to keep and might wipe the complete repository.

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Indeed, but that’s not what I’m asking for. What I mean is that IMHO broken snapshots should not prevent additional backups from being performed, prevent snapshots from being listed, etc. Non-destructive operations should not fail if one of the snapshots is corrupted, in essence. Warnings could still be emitted so that the issue does not go unnoticed.

Look like I’ve misunderstood what you had in mind. restic could indeed handle these cases better. Could you open a Github issue?

I will (after I clarify a few things through testing). Thanks for validating the idea!