'Repair' command?

I’ve been running Restic maybe two years now and I recently updated my repo to v2 and since then I’ve been encountering numerous errors. I’ve researched numerous forum threads and have run re-indexes, prunes, checks, etc. I still have errors.

I saw an older thread awhile back about a coveted ‘repair’ command that could be run against a repo but apparently that thread isn’t in 0.14? I’m a bit worn on continuing to chase potential technical issues with the repo since I’ve been chasing my tail for hours and I’d like to use this experimental command to see if it figures it out - how might I do that?

Which errors are you talking about?

Repairing a repository won’t help at all unless the cause of the repository corruptions is fixed first. Otherwise the repositories will just continue to break.

Please post the check output of the damaged repository. Without it we won’t be able to help you with repairing the repository.

I very much appreciate and understand your responses.
It doesn’t sound like the repair command is available so rather than invest more time in attempting to repair the old repo, I’ve built a new one. I’ll lose my incrementals in the old repo but that’s a cost I’m OK with. I don’t fear errors will come back any time soon, but if they do it will be much easier to deal with now that I have a much smaller repo.

It’s available if you build it from source! I’m about to use it on a 6.7TB repo myself, actually. You might run rebuild-index first.

I’m doing rebuild-index --read-all-packs because of the chaotic mess of what’s left of my repository (long story).

It’s also available in GitHub - rustic-rs/rustic: rustic - fast, encrypted, deduplicated backups powered by pure Rust (essentially Restic rewritten in Rust - I had some trouble using it with an rclone backend, so I built Restic from source instead)