Rename Restic to Restic Backup?

Hello. I was looking for linux backup solution for about a week. I went over many different products and it was just coincidence I ran into Restic and it seems to be the best. I think it is very hard to find it because it does not have “Backup” in name. So I recommend to do that, it would be great for marketing. It may be the reason why it is not listed at or


“Backup” is mentioned everywhere, on the main site and in the docs. How it’s hard to find it is beyond my imagination.

No, the reason Restic is not on Wikipedia is that the people deciding about what’s on Wikipedia are r******d. A while back I wrote a nice article about restic, just giving an overview, including all relevant references I could find, but it was rejected, citing “lack of notability”. This was despite the fact that major players like DigitalOcean had their own articles about it. God knows what the Wikipedia moderators were thinking.

Thanks for the suggestion. I doubt that the project will be easier to find with such a name, the problem is that the space for “backup software” is very crowded already, see also

We’ll keep the name as it is, thanks anyway! :slight_smile: