Removing specific file/directory from all restic snapshots?


Is there a possibility of removing some file/directory from all restic backup snapshots as if it had not ever existed without recreating a full backup from scratch?

Basically, I would like to remove items from existing backups, which should not have been ever backed up in the first place.


Currently there is no official way to do this.

You can try to compile your own restic binary with this pull request:

But it’s better to have backup of whole repo. It’s not widely tested.

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@jarm0 What problem are you wanting to solve by doing this? The file(s) will only take up the space needed for them once.

@rawtaz as mentioned I would like to remove some files from backup which should not have ever been backed up (sensitive data for example).

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…or when I forget to exclude a .Trash folder over 4 months period, when I finally realize it’s been backing up tons of GB of production videos that were never intended to be backup up at all which made it into the repository during their temporary stay in the trash bin. Ahhh!


Has anything changed regarding the original issue of removing some specific file from every snapshot after it has been backed up?

I don’t think this could be done in restic.

The sensitive data you backed up will only be accessible to you or anyone else who has the password. But regardless, there’s currently no way in restic to remove certain files from existing snapshots.