Release: Restic docker images with Rclone

I’m announcing a very simple project, Restic docker images with Rclone.
There are tons of images spread around the web, but most of them are super complex and always out of date. I always had problems until I built this one.

Check it out at docker hub: Docker Hub

Builds are automatic based on both alpine upstreams, images are tagged with a combination of Restic and Rclone tags (so you lock to your installation needs). With this I intend to have a simple always up-to-date images.

Source, builds and issues in the GitHub repository: GitHub - tofran/restic-rclone-docker: Always up-to-date minimal Alpine images with Restic and Rclone tagged for each version combination.

Hopefully this is useful for anyone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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