Regional vs Nearline vs Coldline (google storage)

Which is the cheapest storage to use restic backup? Using the prune operation daily.

Regional or Nearline or Coldline (google storage)

The answer probably depends on your exact needs, and I suspect we won’t be able to help you without any information at all :slight_smile:

I don’t have any experience with GCS, but I’ve heard that B2 is pretty cheap if you don’t run prune so often. Maybe it’s cheaper to not run prune all that often and keep the data at B2?

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the improvement of the prune operation will provide lower cost?

Wow, that’s very frequent. Do you have a lot of data churn? Why do you need to run prune every day?

because is a new database dump every day… about 10gb each dump

Keep in mind that nearline has a 30 day minimum storage duration, and coldline has a 90 day minimum. If you transition an object to nearline, this means you commit to pay for 30 days of storage, even if you delete the object before then.

A minimum storage duration applies to data stored as Nearline Storage or Coldline Storage. You can delete the file before it has been stored for this duration, but at the time of deletion you are charged as if the file was stored for the minimum duration.

If you are running prune daily, this means that indexes will be rebuilt daily. Therefore, you should keep indexes at regional.

Pruning may also rewrite packs, which uploads a new pack and deletes the old pack. If the old pack was not stored for the minimum duration, you will still be charged as though it were.

Therefore, I would strongly advise against using nearline or coldline storage for restic. Whatever you save in storage costs may easily be eaten up by early deletions, and it could cost you much more in the long run, unless you prune every 2-3 months.

(Note that the situation is the same for the S3 infrequent-access (IA) storage tier; there is a 30-day commitment for objects transitioned to IA.)