Recommended remote storage backend

Hi all,

I used to do a local restic backup which then got rsynced to my offsite backup server - which was blazing fast. I have since switched my local backup from restic to ZFS. Hence, I want to directly backup via restic to the remote server. So far I tried it via sftp/ssh but it appears relativly slow on my backup set (>2mn files; mostly small file sizes; total volume of 900GB; progress is much slower than one would expect given the 100mbit/s connection between the sites).

What would be recommended as a remote storage backend for my use case with many small files? I mostly see rest-server and minio mentioned. I hope someone experienced can guide me in the most suitable solution…

I don’t get it. You say you used to have restic backing up locally and then synced that backup offsite using rsync, and that you then replaced the local backup part with ZFS. Presumably then you sync to offsite using ZFS, why else would you replace restic with ZFS? If you already have your snapshots taken using ZFS, using it to sync to the offsite server seems like a very effective thing. It’s completely outside of restic though.

If you want to use restic then the rest-server or minio are indeed two great choices. Give them a spin :slight_smile:

The offsite server does not have a ZFS filesystem. That’s why I want to stick to restic for offsite backups. Is there a measurable difference in speed when running a backup between rest-server and minio?

to add to my previous comment: is there a measurable difference in speed and robustness between the two?

It completely depends on your needs and requirements, the best thing is if you just try the two and see how they work out for your specific use case. They’re both very simple so start using so just give them a go. Both should be perfectly stable and good to use. I use rest-server only.

thanks - that already helps. will give them a go…