Rclone Union + Restic, Anyone?

Hello to all,

I’ve been using restic for a while now (2019) , i have not needed to restore any file, just kept running restic backup with rclone to a google drive. Everything seems to be running fine for now, a few checks, some rebuilds, but never a prune. I had unlimited storage until a few days ago.

Unfortunately, I lost my unlimited backup, I now have around 5TB(?) or something like this of data. I was looking for some cheap options out there, and saw the onedrive option, it has exactly 6TB of data, but it’s split over 6 users.

I just learned about the rclone union feature. Union
So I could have my 5TB of data spread across those 6 accounts on onedrive, but I am not sure it works fine, so I am here asking for some help regarding this. If anyone have used it or experienced any problems and etc…

It’s a temporary solution, until I am able to use rewrite and remove a bunch of unneeded data from my snapshots and etc I will also try to upgrade it to v2, but for that amount of data, everything is complicated. Especially because currently i don’t have a place to store everything locally. I will try to revive my freenass that should be enough to handle most of it… but not sure if it will enable to migrate the formats and etc… Like i said, I just need a place to actually save everything until i fix everything…

Since we are here, is there an easy way to move a repository over? I am thinking in using rclone for this as of now… guess it will be the easiest solution, but not sure if I will be able to use the new folder after it.

Suggestions are welcome.

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hi, i use rclone for that as well. a simple rclone sync --immutable and rclone check
you will want to use --immutable, helps to catch bitrot.
fwiw, over at the rclone forum, i am @asdffdsa

onedrive, especially personal, has lots of throttling and tends to error out.
imho, would not trust it with backups.
you often have to reduce rclone defaults values, to intentionally reduce performance.

can rent 5TiB from Hetzner for approx $13.00/month, with unlimited traffic.
in addition, i rent a cheap vm from Hetzner.

tho i have no idea what is involved with upgrading a repo and how that would perform using a remote repo.

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