Rclone sync + rclone backups

Hi everyone,
I have two laptops: one Mac that I use as work machine, one Linux Thinkpad I use for personal stuff. My photos are stored in Flickr, code in Github, I want to back-up and sync a single directory with documents.

The scenario I was thinking of is having rclone sync the files between the laptops and have restic running on mac to do backups to S3. Do I need to set up rclone and restic independently with separate destinations? Or can I somehow use the fact that rclone is a backend mechanism for restic? for the completeness sake: I currently have syncthing setup for syncing, but find that I usually have only one of the laptops on at the time.


I would just setup restic on both laptops and have them both backup to S3.

If you decide to first backup to the mac and then backup to S3, you will still run into the same issue as with syncthing. You will need to both devices on at the same time. Since you already have syncthing setup instead of adding in rclone, you can probably just keep using syncthing and then restic backup the synced directory to S3. I don’t see much benefit to adding rclone into the mix.