--quiet vs. RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS != 0

after upgrading from restic 0.11 to 0.15 i’ve learned the hard way, that --quiet behaviour changed with introduction of RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS in v0.12.

while Manual — restic 0.15.2 documentation. points out that:

Setting the RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS environment variable or sending a SIGUSR1 signal prints a status report even when –quiet was specified.

that behavior is confusing, because
usage says: -q, --quiet do not output comprehensive progress report
and RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS Frames per second by which the progress bar is updated

so i would expect --quiet to make restic ignore any setting of RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS.
when there should be no (comprehensive) progress report, the FPS doesn’t matter.

the negative impact of the current implementation introduced in v0.11 is that my cronjobs became noisy.

a little background:
i’m using restic with a wrapper script, that sets environment variables (REPO, CREDENTIALS).
it also limits FPS to 1, because it’s a remote system and more frequent updates don’t make any sense.
the wrapper script passes additional options (that it is called itself with) down to the restic command.
so in my cronjob i call the same wrapper with --quiet.

I don’t recall whether there has been a discussion about that specific edge case. It would be relatively simple to change the behavior that --quiet takes precedence. But I’d like to gather some input first whether that would break certain use cases. Could you open an issue on GitHub?