Question about the root path on Windows

When we backup drives in Windows we use i.e. D:\ but the path, at least for restic, includes /D/ so when we make exclusions and we want to specify that the files/folders are to be matched in the root, we have to prepend a / like the manual says or we have to enter /D/?

Asking mostly because when I wanted to restore a file and I used --include to only restore that one file I’ve had to enter i.e. /D/Folder A/Folder C/file.txt instead of /Folder A/Folder C/file.txt which is what I was kinda expecting to be accepted.

Excludes should be specified in the format of the filesystem, e.g. D:\System Volume Information

But that doesn’t work at least for restoring, haven’t tried with backup. I just tried --iinclude X:\Directory\Directory\file.txt and it didn’t work. Zero files were restored. I then did --iinclude X/Directory/Directory/file.txt and it worked.

If you look at a snapshot with restic ls you’ll see that the Windows drive specification is not used in the path name of files, which is why using X: doesn’t match any files. It’s not ideal that one has to use different syntax when working with Windows paths.