Question about file size limitation in backup

Hi, may I know that does restic have any limitation on the maximum single file size, maximum total file size and maximum number of files for backup?


I wouldn’t recommend single files with more than a few TB, tens of TB will definitely cause problems. For the other two parameters there is not strict upper limit, it depends on the amount of memory available on the host.

The main memory usage in restic originates from the index. You should plan with about 1GB memory every 5 million files and 1GB for 5 TBs of data to backup. The exact memory usage is rather difficult to estimate, it might be lower than the estimate here.

If possible keep the repository size below about 10TB. If the backup contains lots of larger files, then up 100TB could also work. But that depends a lot on the used storage etc. In particular, a larger repository also increases the resources required to prune a repository.