Question about backup process

I did an initial local backup (external HDD) this am using the Windows binary. I backed up 360GB (67000+ files) in slightly more than 2.5hrs.

Now, during the backup, I modified some files and wanted to back those up. I re-ran my command and it seems to want to go through the same 360GB again, with an ETA of 1:45.

I thought it would find those that were modified and only use those for snapshots essentially rendering the second backup ETA to a few minutes?

My command is:
restic -r J:\backup backup --password-file pass.txt --files-from files.txt

Noticed the following message in the output:

repository is already locked by PID…

I then ran the unlock command, re-ran my backup script and it went through in a minute - well, the backup part. The prune required a bit more time.

That’s a user interface issue: When you run a subsequent backup, restic won’t read unmodified files, but just look a the modification timestamps.