Prune: What do the numbers mean?

I’ve run a prune dry-run and got the following output:

to repack: 9705 blobs / 22.879 MiB
this removes 54 blobs / 937.361 KiB
to delete: 21 blobs / 44.524 MiB
total prune: 75 blobs / 45.440 MiB
remaining: 112643 blobs / 6.085 GiB

What do these numbers tell me about the change in storage space on the server? My guess is, 22.879 MiB are uploaded to the server (so this is the amount of free storage space that I’ll need to do the prune) and 44.524 MiB are deleted from the server, giving me an additional

    44.524 MiB - 22.879 MiB = 21.645 MiB

free storage space after pruning has completed. Is this correct?

What do the lines “this removes” and “total prune” mean?

22 MB have to get repacked, this means they will be downloaded and re-upload after the repack.

1 MB will be effectively freed by that repack.

44 MB can be deleted without any repack.

45 will be freed by deletion and repack.

6 GB will remain after the prune.

Please be aware that there will be a time when original packs and repacks will live on the server together, and therefore additional space is required for a short time.