Provide an option to specify copy order by snapshot time

When using restic copy to copy snapshots to another repository, it would be much better if we can copy the newest snapshot first and oldest snapshot last. The newer snapshots are usually more important than older snapshots. In the latest version of restic (0.16.2), it seems that copy order is random.

That’s a good point :slight_smile:

I don’t want to contradict @rawtaz. But what would it improve? Would you want to keep an incomplete copy state? Wouldn’t you try and copy the snapshots again, anyway?

I guess it’s about being able to restore the latest snapshots earlier – before the other maybe hundreds of snapshots have completed copying…

It wouldn’t be much of a problem to implement that optimization. I’d prefer to just make this the default instead of adding an option. Please open an issue on Github, feature requests on the forum tend to get lost.