Problem about snapshots

question about snapshots, from what I understand the latest snapshots don’t contain an entire backup but only the last few things, right? for example: the first snapshot weighs 10gb making the second snapshot weighs 13gb if I delete only the first snapshot will I only have 3gb or will I have 13gb? Do snapshots contain an entire backup or just the latest changes? Sorry if the text is wrong, I’m using Google Translate .

All snapshots reference all of the data that existed in your backup set at the time of the backup. Restic will however only upload data that was not already backed up, since there’s no point in uploading to the repository data that is already in there (since previous snapshots).

If you create a first snapshot that backs up 10 GB of data, and then a second snapshot that backs up that very same data but also an additional 3 GB of data, the second snapshot will reference and be able to restore all of those 13 GBs of data, even if you delete the first snapshot. During the backup run for the second snapshot, only 3 GB will be uploaded (besides some metadata).


thank you very much

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