[Powershell] Indicator of backup status on file/folder icons

Hello. I visited my friend lately that has OneDrive as backup solution. I noticed he did have a little indicator on every file that it is backed up on the cloud (or waiting to back up). Is there possibility to do it with Restic or Powershell respectively?

This can make the overview of backup much easier.

Couple of examples:

I think you should tell your friend that OneDrive is not a backup solution. Redundancy != Backup.

Example: Your friend has 100.000 files which all of a sudden gets encrypted by ransomware. The copies in OneDrive gets replaced by the encrypted versions as well. Yes, your friend can (if the settings are right AND he detects this in a timely manner) revert to the last non-encrypted version, but only ONE FILE AT A TIME. See Restore a previous version of a file stored in OneDrive - Microsoft Support .

As to your actual question: No, there is no file overlay like that in Restic.

I’m not sure how to react to this statement. What is backup if not redundancy then? Even my boss says about redundant server as backup server. He has more than 20 years of experiences in IT branch and IT systems admin.

So i can’t either agree or disagree with this statement. I will wait for your reply.

To the question. Would that be possible by powershell? Somehow read all the files that being processed by restic and paste different icon to them that has an indicator in it?

Redundancy is required. Without it there is no backup.

But something else is also required: Decoupling from the “source” and history.

A synchronized copy (for example OneDrive) provides redundancy and will therefor save you in case of a failed or stolen drive. But it will not save you in case of for example a malware attack.

Some things in this thread are not correct. In fact, OneDrive will actually detect ransomwares encrypting your files synced with OneDrive. In such cases, it’ll inform you about this and it’s a matter of a click to get your files back to the state before encryption started (because they keep multiple versions, so OneDrive is not just redundancy).

The way OneDrive handles this is extremely user-friendly.

Sources: Ransomware detection and recovering your files - Microsoft Support


As much as that would be a very cool feature, I don’t think it really falls into the scope that restic targets. Restic doesn’t have any sort of GUI built in, and from what I understand, never will.

I could be wrong of course, this is just what I gather from lurking around here.

I suspect that this is a feature on of the GUI wrapper projects might look at. I personally don’t use one, so I can’t recommend anything. But I’ve seen a few mentioned in the forums.

i think this more for permanently running programs that know what files are backuped on the next run.