Powershell autocompletion - how?

I’m just starting to learn about Restic, and the documentation (Installation — restic 0.15.2 documentation) has a section called Autocompletion.

I am interested in the Windows Powershell autocompletion option.

Unfortunately, the documentation doesn’t say how to install the generated file. Is it a .ps1 script that I run? I’ve tried that, and while there are no errors returned (in fact, nothing is returned), I can’t see any evidence of the script having installed anything.

How do I test it is working?


To install and test Windows PowerShell autocompletion for Restic, follow these steps:

  1. Generate the autocompletion script:
  • In the Restic documentation, find the “Autocompletion” section and follow the instructions to generate the autocompletion script. It should provide you with a command to generate the script, such as restic generate --powershell-completion \path\to\restic-completion.ps1.
  • Replace \path\to\restic-completion.ps1 with the desired location and filename for the autocompletion script.
  1. Open PowerShell:
  • Open a PowerShell terminal on your Windows system.
  1. Import the autocompletion script:
  • In the PowerShell terminal, use the Import-Module cmdlet to import the autocompletion script.
  • For example, if you generated the autocompletion script as restic-completion.ps1 and placed it in the current directory, run the following command: Import-Module .\restic-completion.ps1
  1. Test the autocompletion:
  • To test if the autocompletion is working, start typing a Restic command in the PowerShell terminal, and then press the Tab key.
  • The autocompletion should provide suggestions for Restic commands, options, and arguments based on what you’ve typed.

If you don’t see any suggestions or the autocompletion doesn’t seem to be working, here are a few things you can try:

  • Double-check that the autocompletion script was generated and imported correctly. Make sure the path and filename specified in the Import-Module command match the actual location and filename of the autocompletion script.
  • Ensure that the autocompletion script is executable. In PowerShell, you can use the Get-Command cmdlet to verify that the script is recognized as a valid module. For example: Get-Command -Module restic-completion.
  • Confirm that you’re using the correct Restic commands and options that are compatible with the version of Restic you have installed.

By following these steps and ensuring the autocompletion script is correctly generated and imported, you should be able to test and use the Windows PowerShell autocompletion feature for Restic.

Thanks very much for the detailed instructions. I’ll give them a try. Cheers.