Poor performance on windows 11

I want to switch from veeam (free) to restic after having some great experiences on my Linux server.
Unfortunately the experience on windows is not as good as on my server.

After 1 hour I only have read ~60GiB. On Github I found issues with cheap HDDs and the concurrent reads, so I tried to set it to 1 but that worsens it. I experimented a bit with the concurrent reads and the pack size but as long as I stay above 5 concurrent reads it stays the same.

My source is an SSD and the targed a WD elements hdd.

Using veeam a fresh backup of ~900GB took about 2 hours.

What can I do to achieve that performance?


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Hey, welcome to the forum.

A small suggestion to start with. Make sure that whatever antivirus you use on windows has an exemption for the restic binary; I’ve found this to be a source of poor performance before:


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It’s a bit emberrassing that I didn’t find that FAQ but I swear that I searched for quite a while!
Anyway it seems to really help. I made a fresh run and got already 130GiB after 20 minutes.

If the performance breaks in the long run I will come back here.


No worries, it’s the kinda thing that is only easy to find once you know to look for it.
It bit me before, which is how I know about it :slight_smile:
I’m glad to hear that it made a dramatic difference in your case.

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Thank you very much for that hint!
It indeed made a dramatic difference. The whole backup finished in 1:30h - even faster than Veeam!

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I’m glad to hear that it made a dramatic difference in your case.

And I also take note and learn. Thank you