Permission Denied during Restore using restic with velero

  • Created backup of my resources with Persistent Volume (PV) on cluster 1
  • Trying to restore it on cluster 2
    Storage used: Minio (both cluster pointing to same backup storage location)
  • Restore completes without any errors (Deployments, PV can be seen on cluster 2)
  • But the deployments never come up in running state
    • pod associated to it is in pending state
    • docker container of pod throwing error
      ERROR looking for /restores/mongodb-app-ibm-mongodb-dev-datavolume/.velero/7817a7da-76ef-11e9-8851-fa163e586ef1: stat /restores/mongodb-app-ibm-mongodb-dev-datavolume/.velero/7817a7da-76ef-11e9-8851-fa163e586ef1: permission denied

First of all, welcome @prajyotparab!

Second, what is velero? Some googling brought this, but a little more context would help people understand your case better.

– Durval.