OVH cloud archive - best backend protocol

Hi, i have question.

I would like to use restic with OVH cloud archive
they offer several protocols:

    OpenStack Swift
    Fuse mounting point on Linux with SVFS

What would be best protocol to use? Is there any difference for me between SFTP and OpenStac Swift for example? I know it might differ depending on OVH but generally is there a best choice?

Also OVH cloud archive is Glacier type of storage where you pay for inbound and outbound traffic i will be backing up folders of images that will rarely change so maybe it would be better for me just simply copy them instead of using restic will consume more traffic?

Thanks for any answers!

Oh i think i cant use it with glacier at all right since it takes time to recover files. Anyway i will probably use their S3 type offering. The question about protocl still stands then. Thanks!

If possible, use sftp. The other option would be to use the Swift backend, but people reported strange errors and inconsistencies with the Swift service at OVH…

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OVH cloud archive seems to have great pricing, but retrieving data comes with a variable delay. OVH has posted a guide (Link here) for Duplicity on how to combine “hot” and “cold” storage for the metadata/index and storage blobs respectively.

I don’t think it’s currently possible to achieve the same “split” backup to hot and cold storage with restic?