Other directories in restic repo location?

Silly question with a reason that would take too long to explain, but will restic get upset if there’s a random directory added to its repository location (aka, where the data/index/keys/snapshots directories are)? Thanks!

Hi @samuryan89 AFAIK as long as you don’t mess with the repository data structure you should be good.
I would suggest to put new directories only in the root of the repository and not inside of the folders that are created/needed by restic.

You would also be strongly advised to choose some prefix that will minimize the likelihood of restic picking that name in the future for some new data. For example, samuryan-info is fine. info by itself would be dangerous; restic could use that name in the future.

Thanks all, the short story is that I needed a spot to put a large number of GB’s temporarily, the restic repo partition had plenty of space, and I didn’t want to mess with partitions, but was worried restic would mess with it.

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