Optimal Cache Size and Resource Configuration for Restic in Kubernetes Pods

What is the ideal cache directory size based on the size of the repository or directory you want to back up? Also, what are the recommended CPU and memory resource limits and requests when running Restic from a Kubernetes pod?

In my opinion there is no clear answer to this questions. All depends on your data and on the operations you perform. We run ~530 backup jobs in our K8s cluster on different types of web applications with storage between 100 GB and 2 TB and as you can see in the graphs there have all different characteristics in memory and CPU usage:


Cache directory behaves roughly the same as ram consumption, so we adjust this roughly in proportion. In our backup runs, we exec backup, check and restore commands. When you run a single backup command only, the resource consumption could be significantly lower.

In general, we don’t set CPU limits in our deployments, cause of unpredictable behavior in applications,