Offtopic: Bootloader problem. External USB Partitions as a) bootable testground for restic b) repository

Hi everyone,

I am new to restic so please excuse any dumb questions.

Having a brand new 8TB USB HDD lying around I played with the idea if it would be possible to create a plug and play backup solution.

The idea was to create a bootable USB drive with at least 3 partitions.

  • a) the testground for restic
  • b) a linux distro with restic (in linux it is/was possible to browse the repositories)
  • c) a partition for the restic repositories.

The idea is to boot from the second partition, use it to make a backup of my Win11 Partition of my computer and then be able to restore the repo to the first partition on the USB HDD and boot this disk to see if it worked.

I do not know if this is possible. I think one would neet a clever bootloader / bootmanager. This should scan the partitions on the USB drives, detect the restored Win 11 and be able to boot this or the linux on the other partition.

Using grub2 and rEFInd I got stuck.
Wheras my Lenovo Notebook (W520) recognizes rEFInd. My MSI Bravo 17 finds only a grub installation on the HDD (which is weird). This may / will be due to the configuration of the HDD.

Maybe the whole idea is crap. If it would work, it would be nice. One could have a standalone USB HDD which does everything.

Having already spent so much time (I could have spent working and probably buying an server) I bow my head and ask experts.

Hit me with your knowledge. Have a nice weekend.