NPBackup V3 - A restic based backup solution with orchestrator

Hello Restic forum,

Since two years now, I’m working on NPBackup, a GUI frontend / CLI wrapper for restic.
Today, I’ve made release candidate 1 of my V3 I’ve been working on since a year.

The goal is to have a single executable, acting as backup client for laptops with random usage hours, and always on servers. The same executable can also act as orchestrator.

This is a full rewrite of earlier version v2, with a nicer GUI, better security, a separate viewer application that allows to connect and restore from all restic repositories without actually needing NPBackup itself nor it’s configuration.

NPBackup allows to configure multiple repos which inherit repo group configuration settings, and has an operation center that can shift NPBackup to a full orchestrator for many repositories (eg apply retention policies, checks and other operations on multiple repos in one run).

It has built-in prometheus support via push gateway or text_collector, and has alot of side functions, like checking minimum backup size, pre/post script exec, full exclusion lists, VSS fallback, cloud file exclusion…

Configuration is done via YAML files. The GUI can generate a configuration file which can also be used by the CLI or the viewer apps.

I’d love to have some feedback in order to make the final release with all adjustements that might be needed.

The project is backed by my own company, and any contributions are welcome.
I pledge to keep it fully open source forever, since IMHO this is the way to make it a success.
The applications can be fully branded to fit corporate needs, including logos and application name, as long as the copyright and author is not modified.

There are binaries for Linux x64, arm and arm64 (tested on Synology), as well as binaries for Windows x64 and x86.
Windows binaries are signed with my company’s EV certificate in order to avoid smartscreen.

As of today, the project is used internally by myself and my customers.
I hope NPBackup will become useful for a broader audience.
I know that documentation is almost missing, and hope to get some feedback before beginning writing proper docs.

Link to release: Release This is it (at least for a release candidate) · netinvent/npbackup · GitHub

PS: I read that there are a couple of other tools out there trying to reach various goals, like client wrappers and server UIs. I’m happy to discuss ideas with other authors.