Nightbuilds anywhere / GIThub automatic build process?


i would like to know if there can be found some nightbuilds anywhere ? Im asking because the company i work for is using automatic build chains via GIT on each commit and i was not able to build the current branch…
As far as i know can the GIThub-Actions execute dockerimages (like the resticbuild image)
I can not wait to test the compression feature :slight_smile:

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The master builds are here: restic beta releases (latest)

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Thank you ! That is exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

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Huh, can you elaborate on that? What commands did you run and what was the output? Which Go version did you use?

We’re trying hard so that the master branch is always usable…

Im sorry, i can not elaborate that. I am not the responsible for the building chain in my company. Its a team of 3 people who handle that. Most of our projects are in C# or C++, maybe it´s different to handle the whole action process here.
All i know is that the build actions are in dockerfiles … would be happy to support restic more, but i cant.

Sometimes the build chain is not able to build ( because of dependencies or code errors etc. ) and then there is a lot of effort necessary to fix this by the 3 responsible collegues.