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Hi restic community, I am new to restic, I would like to create a repository on Hetzner storage cloud. I plan to backup manually the same folders. When it comes to snapshots, am trying to understand these better, when I backup the same folders and their subfolders data, will the snapshot id remain the same or does it change each time a new backup is started?

When folders have had updates with new files and new backups have been made will these backups create new snapshots and each snapshot will contain different files? When I will want to restore my files, will I have to search in each snapshot where the files are? A bit lost here wondering how do i bring it all back together if it’s all spread out in different snapshots.

Hi and welcome, DashyGB!

Every new backup creates a new backup id.

If you modify your files in between, you’ll have multiple snapshots at different point in time.

You can search for files with “restic find” or by mounting the repository with “restic mount”.

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Each backup creates a new snapshot. All data included in the backup (whether the data has changed or not) will be available when restoring any snapshot. When restoring you can choose to restore everything or a selection of files or folders.

For example if you backup /home/dashygb every day, and one day want to restore from a backup, restore will restore everything from /home/dashygb in one operation, from that point in time.

You can, however, backup different sources to the same repository, e.g. /home/dashygb/Documents in one backup, and /home/dashygb/Pictures in another backup. If you did this, you’d have to restore from each of them.

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Hallo derphysiker, vielen Dank fĂĽr die RĂĽckmeldung :slight_smile:

If I mount my Hetzner cloud repository on the ubuntu mate desktop that I use, does it mean that I can drag and drop files into there without needing to give these as commands in the terminal? Would the files actually get encrypted before uploading?

I have been watching some youtube tutorials, and someone mounted their USB repo, and could see all the folders and files, I was wondering if it’s encrypted and not supposed to be that way, or is it, the moment you open the repository with your key&password, it unlocks the encrypted repository and now it’s possible to see all the files?

Hello ProactiveServices,

this helps a lot! Okay, guess am starting to get it, makes sense, so every backup generates a new id to capture that moment in time and knows where all the data is of that same folder and sub folders and files. Older snapshots will then have links pointing to data backuped in that point of time, new snapshots will link to old data that has not changed and link to new data or files that have been updated. So far correct right?

Following that logic of links in the snapshot, it would then mean that I do not have any duplicates but just one backup right? Like each snapshot is not every time the same file reuploaded again, like if i have 500GB files, and each time carry out a backup, it’s not reuploading everything from scratch again - it wouldn’t then in this case also not need the snapshot system?

If the snapshots knows where it has placed all the backuped files, what does the index of the repository do? Does the index manage mainly different sources and where they are placed?

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Correct - this is achieved through a process called “deduplication”. All data in a backup is stored in small pieces called “blobs”, which can be referenced by any snapshot. Indices are used to speed up the process of finding which data is stored where.

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