New server - high I/O wait on client


I used to have a backup machine (rest-server) and restic worked without issues.
Now I have a shiny new server and I started to see very high I/O wait and disk utilization on the clients that use restic. This doesn’t only happen at the first backup, but later, too. There’s no issues on the server though.

This is the restic command:
restic backup -r ${repo} -p ${password} --limit-download 10240 --limit-upload 10240 --files-from ${include} --exclude-caches --exclude-file ${exclude}

What I’m seeing makes no sense to me. Is it possible that the performance of the server has an effect on the clients’ disk utilization?


A faster upload will allow clients to perform the backup quicker, which also increases the resource usage. Although the resource usage should only increase corresponding to an increased upload speed.