Necessary for restic to backup itself


I use MacOS, and I stored my restic backup directory path/to/backups/restic/ in my user directory. I also want to backup everything in my user directory. However, this means that restic is starting to backup its own backup folder. Is this necessary, or can I exclude /path/to/backups/restic/ from the backup process?


I think the question is not if you can/must exclude the repo path from your backup (it is possible, see the exclude options of the backup command), but rather if it is a good idea to backup to the same physical device (which seems you are doing)…

@smart0ne7777777 Do you realize that if your harddrive breaks or whatever similar, both your original data AND your backup is gone, and you won’t be able to restore your files?

Your backup repository should not be on the same system as your original data. Put it at the very least on a separate hard drive that you only attach when you run the backups (this is still susceptible to the house burning down though, unless you store the harddrive somewhere else), or even better at some offsite location such as some cloud storage or whatever. Of course also make sure that you don’t forget the password to your repository.

It could be a sync folder like Dropbox. Still not a good idea, and probably not the case here.