Multiple repository locations - process

I’ve got a couple of repositories. I’ve done this on purpose. One, larger will only stay local.

The other is all the important stuff I want offsited as well as local. For this I will be using b2.

What I don’t get is how to populate the b2 copy of the repository.

I’m currently Running a one off rclone command on it from a local copy of a repository on disk directly to b2. I assume that will use the same password as the source repository?

Another test I’m doing at home is using restic copy to copy a repository to the 2nd location. I assume I can do this to b2 as well? And that would have the password I set on the repository creation?

I guess what I’m after is how should I do this and what would maintain the b2 copy - using rclone daily or restic copy. And then how do I maintain snapshots.


Why not simply run two separate backup jobs? One with the larger set of files to the local repo, and the other job with the important stuff and whatever else you want to the b2 repository.

Yeah I guess that’s the other way. So use the 2nd one direct to b2 and maintain its own prune status.

I guess my only disadvantage with that is that that job is also processing each file rather than operating on a repository

I’m not sure what you mean when you say “rather than operating on a repository” - every time restic backs up it works with the repository. But yes, you will scan for changed files in each backup run, but that is hopefully not a big problem as it’s pretty fast at scanning. It will only read files that it detects as changed since the last backup run of the same set of files, see here: Backing up — restic 0.13.1 documentation