Multiple computers to NAS and partial duplication to B2

I’m wanting to backup up multiple PCs to my NAS and have the contents of the NAS and the backups also backed up to B2.

I’m thinking of using the --private-repos option of the restic rest-server to do this by having a seperate user for each computer and the NAS.
Am I correct that by doing this:
a) I will get deduplication across all of the backups from my devices?
b) Each device can only see its own data?
c) It is only a local filesystem backup

However this would mean that the NAS would store a second copy of its data locally as well. I think rclone’s restic-server option will support storing the device backups both locally and on B2, and only storing the NAS backups on B2 - but it’s unclear to me what the equivalent of the --private-repos option is, or how I can achieve (b) above.

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to ask.
However this means that the NAS would also have its data backed up locally as well. I had a quick look at rclone’s restic server option, but it’s not clear to me what the equivalent of the

Deduplication happens within a single repository. As I understand the question, you are talking about having a repository per device. In this case, deduplication will not happen between devices.

This is correct.

To clarify, you can have either option A (deduplication across everything) or option B (devices can only see their own backups), but not both.

I don’t understand what you’re asking in either of these sections.

Thanks for your response.

Ah that makes the rest of my incoherent question moot :slight_smile:

I guess I need to do plaintext backups to the NAS (via rsync or similar) and then use restic across those directories to get deduplicated encrypted backups offsite.

Why not use the restic client to backup your NAS to local disks and rsync/rclone this to your offsite location? Alternatively you can use restic und rclone to directly backup your NAS to your offsite location.

+1, that is exactly what I do here (using zfs send|recv for copying from the ‘client’ to the ‘NAS’).